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15 July 2020

Jepun Bali for Connect Arts


After such a long pause caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are finally back with some activity!

We are so fortunate to be part of the Connect Arts project, in which various artists or ensembles have the chance to be promoted with professional portfolios created especially for this project. 

Connect Arts is a ground breaking project financed in part by the AFCN – Romania, for development of culture and promotion of emerging artist.

During the recording session we performed DanDe Popescu’s new piece created especially for Jepun Bali Gamelan, entitled Panguripan, which can be translated as Life Cycle. The inspiration for this piece came from the traditional Gamelan music, as well as from the Indonesian Hindu Philosophy of life.

The recordings took place in one of the best concert halls in Romania, at the National Radio Broadcasting Society building, situated in Bucharest.

Jepun Bali Connect Arts

31 October 2019

Gamelan Workshop with the Percussion Students from George Enescu College 


We organized a short workshop for the percussion students of George Enescu music College from Bucharest.

During one hour, the students learned the basic patterns for the Baris Dance from Bali. 

31 August 2019

Gamelan & Dance performance at the

Museicorum Festival – Affiliated to George Enescu International Festival 

Filipescu Cesianu House – Bucharest

Jepun Bali gamelan performed live during a concert with traditional and modern music and dances, on the occasion of Museicorum Festival which is organized in collaboration with the George Enescu International Festival.

We performed several traditional pieces of music with dance, as well a new creation composed especially for this concert by DanDe Popescu (Panguripan) but also and  Lucian Zbarcea’s Meditaion, with contemporary dance by Pradnyani Dewi.  


26 August 2019

Performace at the Athenee Palace Hilton 


We had the priviledge to perform for the Indonesian Day of Independance, at one of the most beautiful hotels in Bucharest, the Athenee Palace Hilton, situated right next to the Romanian Atheneum. 

On this occasion we performed several pieces such as the music for Bapang Selisir, but without the dance, only as background music for receiving the guests. 

18 May 2019

Night at the Museum – Gamelan and dance performance 

George Enescu Museum – Cantacuzino Palace – Bucharest

Jepun Bali gamelan performed live during a concert which took place in the beautiful Aula of the Cantacuzino Palace, situated on the Victoriei avenue, in the center of Bucharest. We performed several Balinese dances, as well as a special dance from Sulawesi Island, named Pakarena. The show was part of the Night at the Muesum project, were all the museums in Bucharest are open for all visitiors, free of charge, many performances and other activities being organized on this occasion.  


9 April 2019

Gamelan workshop at the George Enescu college 


We organized a short workshop for students at the George Enescu music College in Bucharest, during which they were introduced to the sounds of Balinese Gamelan. During one hour, the 6 years old children learned some short basic patterns used in the Balinese music.  

16 March 2019

Classic is Fantastic – Musical Geography – Indonesia 

Romanian Athenaeum – Bucharest

On the 16th of March 201- we had the highest honor to perform Gamelan and traditional Indonesian dances during a musical lesson for children, from the Classic is Fantastic series. This time, about Indonesian culture. We performed several Balinese, Javanese, Sundanese and Sulawesi dances. This was a complex performance, during which traditional Indonesian tales were also being told, while the sound of the Indonesian traditional Suling flute provided the background music. 

Poza de grup Palatul Sutu edit

23 February 2019

Gamelan and dance performance 

Sutu Palace – Bucharest

We performed during a concert which took place in the beautiful Sutu Palace that hosts one of the Bucharest Museums as well. On this occasion we played traditional, as well as modern creationsat the University of Music in Bucharest. 

20 January 2019

Gamelan and dance performance 

UNMB – Bucharest

Jepun Bali gamelan performed live during a concert which took place at the University of Music in Bucharest. 


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9 september 2018

World Experience Festival 

IOR Park – Bucharest


We had our first public show with the new instruments that make the orchestra named Gamelan Semar Pegulingan.  During the show we played several pieces of music of which 2 acoompanied the dances Bapang Selisir  and Sekar Gadung.  

Our three dancers (Pradnyani Dewi, Anissa Antonescu and Dewi Somaschini) performed together (Bapang Selisir)  as well as solo, Pradnyani Dewi creating a new choregraphy inspired from the ancient balinese plays (Sekar Gadung).

The ensemble was made up of proffesional musicians as well as amateurs, adults and children.

20-24 august 2018

Gamelan and dances Workshop  – Bran

We sustaine a 5 day workshop during the Sincretismul Artelor summer camp that was organized in Bran – Brasov county.

Over this period we prepared two groups, each learning the music for the dance of the other group, both groups being also taught the dances .

The girls danced Bapang Selisir  and the boys Tari Baris.

At the end of the  workshop, each group performed in a short show with everything that they learned during the 5 day workshop, wearing full balinese traditional costumes.