Balinese Massage

An ancient art, Balinese Massage is used by the Balinese since immemorial times, its techniques being always perfected over the years. This is a relaxing massage, born from the needs of the Balinese to rest after a hard day of work that usually took place in the rice fields. We don’t have rice fields, but we sure have hard days of work.

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We only provide proffessional massage, so if you search for something else, we are not the right place for you!

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Balinese Dance

Without dance, Gamelan music would not be complete, and Balinese dances are totally special. What is unusual is that they use their entire body, including fingers and even eye movements, their gestures being extremely important. Another characteristic is the very difficult dance positions, thanks to which Balinese dancers have bodies to die for. These positions imply a high pressure on thighs and lower back, which create the image of a very powerful posture, but still attractive. The male dances are no less important, their positions being equally difficult to realize. Still, you can easily see the differences because male dances are usually strong, while feminine dances are extremely graceful.

Balinese Gamelan

Gamelan is a traditional orchestra from Indonesia, made up mostly of percussion instruments. At Jepun Bali we have a gamelan type called Semar Pegulingan, used in Bali since hudreds of years ago. It was meant to be played only for the ears of the royals, but now it became very popular with usual folks, many more such orchestras existing now than one hundred years ago. Compared to other gamelan types, Semar Pegulingan has a very sweet and pleasant sound, very appropriate for his music to be played around royal dormitories, so that those who rest would not be disturbed.

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Jepun Bali Gamelan & Dance grouppe is performing authentic Balinese music and dances, in different locations.

Upon request, we can organize artistic moments at corporate or private parties. 

Concept and duration are flexible, according to clients desire

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Balinese Massage Courses.

If you are a proffessional therapist, or you just want to learn the Balinese Massage for yourself,  we can help you!

We organize Balinese Massage Classes, where you will learn all about this wonderful relaxing technique from the Island of the Gods.

The Classes last for three weeks and every week there will be three sessions of 2,5 hours each. 

Upon graduation, the participants will recieve certificates from the Jepun Bali Association.

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Workshops & Shows

we organize workshops for children and adults and shows with balinese music and dance

Jepun Bali Association organizes gamelan and dance classes, as well as workshops where you can learn all about these Balinese arts.

For 4 days, the participants of these workshops, Children or adults, will learn one or two songs that will be used to accompany Balinese dances.

If it’s a male dance, then tha music and choreography will be different than if it’s a girl dance. Usually in 4 days a group will be able to learn at least one easy song or dance. rehearsing every day for 1 hour.