Balinese Massage

An ancient art, Balinese Massage is used by the Balinese since immemorial times, its techniques being always perfected over the years. This is a relaxing massage, born from the needs of the Balinese to rest after a hard day of work that usually took place in the rice fields. We don’t have rice fields, but we sure have hard days of work.

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Curs masaj

Balinese Massage Courses.

If you are a proffessional therapist, or you just want to learn the Balinese Massage for yourself,  we can help you!

We organize Balinese Massage Classes, where you will learn all about this wonderful relaxing technique from the Island of the Gods.

The Classes last for three weeks and every week there will be three sessions of 2,5 hours each. 

Upon graduation, the participants will recieve certificates from the Jepun Bali Association.

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